Welcome to Bahia Cuastecomate Jalisco Mexico
Costa Alegre most disable inclusive destination
Located a few miles west from San Patricio Melaque
This little quiet village by the beach is the perfect spot
For sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling due it’s beach
Is naturally protected from offshore winds, making it the perfect
Spot for a tranquil day by the beach with lot of activities
Like watersports, swimming and snorkeling y a very safe enviroment.

Bahia de Cuastecomates Jalisco Mexico

Cuastecomates bay a Disable Inclusive top rated worldwide.
This community is the starting point of an impresive tourist concept
That blends the respect from its natural surroundings and architecture.
Along the tourist corridor of the Costa Alegre

This little town has earn the distinction of the first Disabled-Inclusive
Village in Mexico, the whole town has been modified
To accommodate all disabled persons with such infraestructure
With a hight worldwide quality standard,
Like paved boardwalks, sidewalks and streets fit for wheelchairs.
Braille signs, disabled accesible toilets, guide dogs, first aid personnel
And many more between the highlights.
Just to bring the best experience for elder and disabled people.
They can easily enjoy of this great tourist destination.
Such infraestructure goes all around from town to the beach.
Worldwide, there are by now, just eight disabled-inclusive
Cuastecomates is now the 9th and sencond in mexico
Just after Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya.

What to do in Cuastecomates Bay Jalisco

The beauty and gentle of it’s beach, made it the perfect
Location for all kind of water activities making it accesible for anyone
From swimming anf snorkeling and scuba diving in not so deep waters.
Walking along the beach with small waves and knee deep water.
Sportfishing is one of the preffered activities due it’s great weather
Yearound and the variety of billfish species available.

Restaurants in Bahia Cuastecomates Costa Alegre

Lot of nice beach palapas with restaurants
Offering the best of the seafood and traditional mexican food.
Best local cocktails and mixes, and popular mexican and international beer.

Hotels in Cuastecomates Costa Alegre Jalisco

There are plenty of offers to accommodate all your family,
From small hotels to bungalows with all the amenities
To enjoy from a great vacations in Barra de Navidad and Costa Alegre Jalisco.
Also with the increasing and everytime more popular
Vacation Rentals, that are available all the time with Villas, Homes and Condos.

Campers welcome

The nice sandy beaches locations and a stuary.
Makes this place great for campers that likes to be
In direct touch with all the nature beauties that this destination offers.


Beaches all around Cuastecomates Bay

Beside the nice Cuastecomates beach in town,
There are more sandy beaches to enjoy all around.
Like Majahuas Beach, Cruz de Loreto, Punta las Peñitas
And La Peñita Pintada (painted rock), that also has some of the prehispanic
Paintings inside a cave.
And every place form this location makes the beautiful place that is Cuastecomates.