• Downtown Barra de Navidad,

  • The main spot of this Resort destinations, where you will find the best Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and Shopping opportunities.

    Is common knowledge that some of the best things in any place is it's downtown area.

    Where te real flavor and charm from a place is located, it is a must visit ypu have to pay to experience by yoursel the true soul of a place.

    Most Popular in Downtown Barra de Navidad

  • Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad Mexico

    Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad Mexico

    The colonial style Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad, across from the Hotel Delfin on the lagoon side at Jalisco, offers small but homey rooms.

  • Hotel Paraiso Escondido

    Hotel Paraiso Escondido

    Spend your great vacations in barra de navidad staying in a place like home.

  • Hotels

    Hotel Delfin

  • Hotels

    Hotel Sarabi

  • Bananas


  • Restaurants

    Marlenas Beach Bar and Restaurant

    Wide selection of beverages includes cool tropical cocktails, refreshing fresh juices, popular Mexican beers and first- rate tequilas.

  • El Manglito

    El Manglito