Coco Club Melaque Jalisco Mexico

Located in the hearth of this fishing village, Hotel Coco Club Melaque
Is one of the traditionals hotels that made this destination such a success

Great Coco Club Melaque in Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

This accommodations forms part of some of the best
Vacations memories from people for generations
Was the biggest hotels in Melaque and Zihuatlan that offered
Some great amenities like the ones you find
In big and full developed resorts destinations
Sadly, this lodge took it’s toll from nature when a tropical storm
Tear it down years ago, at one point that it was unviable
To restore or to rebuilt to the great point once has.
By now, it remains closed with no news so far of plans to reconstruct, fix or open.

Many more Barra and Costalegre Jalisco Accommodations

By now, there are many more lodging options around
From Resorts, Hotels to Vacation Rentals like Villas, Condos and Homes.
The area have been developed at a point that there are great projects
And more destinations for vacationing close to Melaque

More places like Coco Club in Costalegre

Now there are plenty of places to explore that in the past
Remained as secluded destinations, some hasrh or of difficult access
Developed by now as some places with easy access and services
You can visit without any trouble, and along with it
Lot of lodging options and amenities for returning and new tourists

A great location for a nice Hotel

As sad as it sounds, we will spect sometime soon
Somebody with the enough resources invest in this location
Just now, lest look in some more options around
And keep this vacation in Barra de Navidad and Costa Alegre going!