Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad Jalisco Costalegre Mexico

Morelos #24
Barra de Navidad, Downtown, Costalegre
(315) 355-5018 (Mexico), 355-5018 (fax)
The colonial style Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad in Costalegre Jalisco Mexico, across from the Hotel Delfin on the lagoon side at Jalisco.

Welcome to Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad in Costalegre Jalisco Mexico

Offers small but homey rooms with red tile floors and windows with both screens and glass.

In your way traveling along the Costa Alegre, this small hotel comes as a great choice.

It offers small and affordable accommodation, with all the services and amenities you need.

Convenientely located donwtown Barra, as short as  just at 5 minutes walking from the beach, in Barra de Navidad.

This small but great accommodation gives you great beautiful views of the Lagoon and gogeous views of this beautiful city.

Definitely, you will have a very great time with your couple, your family or just you taking a break by the pool catching a great Costa Alegre tan.

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Connected all the time you want thru our WiFi sharing all your pictures, momments, and thoughts with your friends and loved ones In every place of this Costalegre Lodge.

Rooms presents a simple but nice and charming decoration, garnished with wooden furniture.

You will fin a  fan to cool you anytime with a great and nice Pacific Breeze, it counts with your own private bathroom with shower.

If you are coming between the months of December and April, there is Restaurant in this hotel to enjoy many favourite traditional Mexican dishes.

Guest can also enjoy from more Restaurants and shops around the Hotel Sands, take a walk around to see and enjoy some like a local.

Knowing that you are a person that likes to explore places like this. Melaque Jalisco city is just bout 4 miles away.

And 45 minutees driving to the Port and beaches of Manzanillo, along with it´s International Airport to make any flight connection.

Hotel Sands Barra de Navidad Mexico Map