Just across Barra de Navidad is Isla Navidad Mexico, a nice and beautiful place for relaxation away from the everyday rush in a natural and calm environment just an hour and a half from Manzanillo.

Welcome to Isla Navidad Costalegre Jalisco Mexico

Located in the La Culebra (the snake) peninsula, a place called Isla de Navidad, boast a nice well known Resort along with a Golf Course and a beautiful Marina, making this Golf Resort destination, one of the favorite spots for vacationers looking for relaxation along with sports in a secluded place.


Where is Isla Navidad Jalisco Mexico

It’s great natural location in the Costa Alegre

Starting in one side of the tourist corridor in the Pacific

Is easy accessible if your travel lifestyle is going places in your boat or yacht.

A nice marina with all the services where you can dock and restock in the local grocery store

And why not, to take a break from your boat and stay

In this great Resort that is located on the island.

From here you can start to explore all the great places that

Costa Alegre Jalisco Offers, starting from visiting the

Charming and Calm Barra de Navidad, then go exploring every

Little village along the corridor and its beaches and surroundings.

If you are flying, Manzanillo airport is the closest one.

Or you can land in Puerto Vallarta and take a road trip along

The Mexican Pacific coast until you get to Isla Navidad.

A tour that many people love to do exploring

Going from exploring well developed Resorts destination

Such as Puerto Vallarta in The Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit

To the rustic villages, secluded beaches and natural beauty of the Costa Alegre


Hotels in Isla Navidad Costa Alegre Jalisco

Anytime you want to disconnect from the everyday

Into a relaxing environment with all the amenities and services

Of a high end Gran Turismo Resort, rated as one of the most

Beautiful places to visit worldwide, beachfront located.

With all the natural attraction all around like the reef and a Lagoon.

And the always attracting activity of just walking by the marina.


Things to do and Attractions in Isla Navidad Mexico

Things to do and Attractions in Isla Navidad Mexico

This location has all kind of activities in a single place.

Starting that is a great place for vacationers that loves to do sports

Like playing some Golf rounds in the Island close to the Grand Bay Resort.

Spend a tee time, then go and enjoy of a great food

At the restaurant at the Club House.

A marina in place where you can charter a boat for fishing.

Or touring all along the Costa Alegre coast.

Sportfishing is a popular activity in place, due the year round weather conditions

That makes suitable for fishing practically any season.

But a few days in summer where some rain and tropical storms are expected.

From Isla Navidad any activity could be arranged to visit

All the local villages, visiting a sister more challenging Golf Course.

Any water activity like kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Hot to get to Isla Navidad Barra de Navidad Jalisco

Hot to get to Isla Navidad Barra de Navidad Jalisco

For the case, you are arriving in your boat, you can dock at the marina

And use all the facilities from it, without having to stay at the Resort.

Just to know that you will be always welcome to stay at any time.

Accommodations in Isla Navidad Mexico

There is one Resort in Isla Navidad, a beautiful accommodation.

But also you can stay in Barra de Navidad next to Isla Navidad, where plenty

Of lodging options from hotels and vacation rentals are available.


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