Welcome to La Manzanilla Mexico a fishing town, Located in the Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico Just a few hours from Puerto Vallarta and is part of a group of small towns along the coast.

Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

where you can find places like Cihuatlán, Melaque, Barra de Navidad, Isla Navidad, Tenacatita, Boca de Iguanas, Los Ingenios, Emiliano Zapata, Rebalsito, Careyes, El Tecuán, and Tamarindo.

A nice place full friendly and warm people, a tranquil and peaceful place to spend a great family day by the beach in a golden sand and clear waters from the Pacific Ocean.


La Manzanilla Beach

La Manzanilla Beach Things to do

There are lots of things to do in this small fishing town It’s location on the Bay of Tenacatita, place, Popular fishing town where you can catch Huachinango,Tuna, Dorado, Jack and Sailfish

For that matter sportfishing tours are very popular In this location and also tours to appreciate porpoises, whales, frigates, pelicans, cormorants and more.

There are some featured tours to the federal protected Ecological zone where you can see lot of wild endemic animals From alligators to birds like ibises and kingfishers.

Can experience a great family adventure camping by the beach.


Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

Costa Alegre offers lot of natural landscapes A beautiful places all around that are complemented with Activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, mountain biking, yoga and Golf courses like Tamarindo.


Hotels in La Manzanilla Mexico

Hotels in La Manzanilla Mexico

It is a small fishing town and the accommodations offers Are just a few, like some small Hotels and Vacation Rentals available That are Totally affordable and some camping spots places

If you like the experience of waking up right a the beach In the sand and the sea just outside your tent.


La Manzanilla

Dor many people, this place is perfect for investment Or to have a some permanent residence, for that There are many great Real Estate Opportunities and lots and land for sale.


La Manzanilla Mexico Map

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