San Patricio Melaque Jalisco Mexico

The beautiful beach town favorite of many snowbirds Mainly favorited by people from Canada and United States Looking for a place to while the wintertime, and why not?… the rest of the year!

This traditional beach destination for years as a traditional place to have vacations for mexican families, for over generations have become a great place for foreigners.


San Patricio Melaque Mexico

San Patricio Melaque Jalisco Mexico

It is well located and connected with major populated cities, is the name they designated to refer three little towns that are  San Patricio and Colonia Villa Obregon.

Melaque is the main spot for visitors, because most of the restaurants and accommodations are located in this little fishing town.



Things to do and Attractions

There lot of activities in the area, but mostly are swimming and relaxing and do all kinds of relaxing things at the beach, going from comfortably watch the sunrise


Costa Alegre Melaque Mexico

Restaurants and Bars

Eating at the beach, spend all morning on a beach towel, having fun swimming in the sea, then zipping margaritas or drinking beer.

And late in the afternoon, to watch the sunset just the regular fun you will have at any nice beach.

Barra and Melaque are close enough, both share the same beach and Barra de navidad beach each are connected one next to the other.


Melaque Mexico

How to get to San Patricio Melaque MX

It is located going two miles northwest from Barra de Navidad, main roads connect the Costa Alegre coming from one side from other main beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta from one side and Manzanillo from the other and a straight road from Guadalajara City.

City of Manzanillo as well as Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara, Counts with a large Airport that connect flights from major cities, but the port of Manzanillo is closer.

There are a couple of bus stations downtown with services going to closest locations and major cities every day.

This little Costa Alegre town doesn’t count with a harbour or Marina to dock your boat closest location is Barra de Navidad and counts with all services needed for your boat like gas, electricity, water, etc etc.


Places to Stay in Puerto Melaque Mexico

There are plenty of places to stay and accommodate yourself and your family in this location.

Many options from small hotels, medium size hotels to nice and cozy vacation villa rentals, and condo rentals, and also a RV trailer park and campsites, so head on!

San Patricio Melaque Jalisco Mexico

Many beachfront properties are featured here, making it the great location for your vacations.

Look around which one suits you and go ahead with a reservation or call for more information, they will be happy to help.


Melaque Jalisco Mexico Beach

Both share the same beach next to Barra de navidad beach each are connected one next to the other, and it is the largest coastal community between Puerto Vallarta in one side, and Manzanillo in the other.

Melaque Jalisco Mexico

This Town is the largest of the three small villages and counts with the majority of accommodations and services pretty much for vacationers.

Like car rentals, tours and activities, Real Estate offices, banks and more.


San Patricio Melaque Real Estate MLS

You may look for some Barra de Navidad Real Estate in Costa Alegre Jalisco, Now that you have tried all the great time you could Spend in this nice and beautiful destination With the great weather, friendly location and warm people.

San Felipe Melaque Mexico Real Estate

As many people are retiring in the United States and Canada And want to retire in a place where they can live Having the best value for they money and now with A better weather and location.

That is why many places across Mexico have become Preferred places where new communities of retired US and Canadian citizen, are becoming more popular every time.

And these people are often looking for some temporal or permanent Place to stay, so it is a great opportunity for any rental Property as well as a resale of any house or apartment

Once they see the value and advantages of retire investing in Costa Alegre Real Estate and living at the Costalegre Jalisco Mexico.


Melaque Mexico Photos



San Patricio Melaque Jalisco Mexico Map


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