A small fishing village located in the heart of Costalegre Jalisco which is characterized by being one of the most attractive places to spend a relaxing day on the beach and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds it,that invites to practice the different types of water sports that its friendly waters invite you to practice.

In this place you will find quiet and beautiful beaches with soft waves with crystal clear and shallow waters framed by the vegetation that offers the bay that surrounds them, a special place for the sighting of exotic birds and a diversity of fish that attracts many people who enjoy to admire the natural beauty in its own environment.

Part of the Punta Pérula attractions are its 11 Islands that are located in front of the Bay between the most popular areas of San Andrés, San, San Pedro, Sphinx, Colorada, Heifer and Isla kitchens where there are some of the favorite spots to practice the one of snorkel.

It is a place that is located 40 minutes from the Chamela Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve in the northern area of ​​Barra de Navidad, a small bay with several islets that protect the beaches of strong waves coming from the Pacific


Punta Perula Real Estate

This place is very attractive for those looking to buy a property in a quiet location away from the tourist conglomerates with the tranquility and simplicity of the small fishing villages that exist along the Costa Alegre having relatively close to places like Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.


Punta Perula Playa

This curved and quite wide beach ends a Caleta and a rocky area. It is an excellent option if you like to swim in the sea and where you can enjoy pleasant boat trips as well as scuba diving on beaches adjoining this one. and visit the Islands that are nearby that are so popular among visitors.

In these beaches you can enjoy traditional sea food that is obtained in a fresh way as the catch of the day in small and simple restaurants and palapas that are attractive among visitors.

It is a sanctuary of land and marine birds where you can admire and enjoy beautiful wild landscapes as well as being an ideal and romantic place for couples looking for a quiet place in the middle of nature.

This town is an ideal place for families who visit the Costa Alegre and who arrive from Point to Point along its tourist corridor. What difference does it make from other places that are highly developed in the country, still preserved with many of its natural areas and its Authentic villages that tourists love so much.


Punta Perula Jalisco Map