Welcome to Tenacatita Bay Costa Alegre Jalisco in Mexico’s pacific.
A pretty small beachfront town located 27 miles from Barra fe Navidad
In tge way going to Puerto Vallarta, the Banderas Bay and Riviera Nayarit.

The beauty of Tenacatita Bay Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

This location surrounded with lot of natural beauties.
Nice beaches all around and places to enjoy a great day by the beach.
It is a great place to practice lot of water activities.
Like scuba diving and snorkeling where also you also have
Live catch like crabs, lobsters, octopus and more.
Lot of beaches to enjoy all around Tenacatita
Most popular are El Tamarindo, La Manzanilla, Boca de Iguanas
Los Angeles Locos, Punta Serena, Tenacatita and Tecuan.
A great place all around, this is why Costa Alegre is so popular.

Things to do in Bahia Tenacatita

The Tenacatita beach is mainly de best attraction
At this place, at a certain time of the year, you can enjoy
A beautiful sunrise and a delightful sunset, both
Coming out from the sea.
It is a very popular place for snorkeling and diving.
At a place called “The Aquarium” at Playa Mora.
Waves are gentle and boogie boarding is very popular at this beach.
There is a mangrobe marsh, you can visit it, there are
Nice and friendly people offer tours to take you on pangas.
You will appreciate all kind of wildlife and also do some sportfishing.

Playa Tenacatita Restaurants with Great food and cold Cervezas

Bunch of places for eating anf drinking by the beach.
Under a nice palapa overlooking the beach with your feet in the sand.
Where you can try local seafood anf the wonderful
Mexican cuisine with the great traditional fishes
Or some of your all time favorites like Pizza and Burgers.

How to get to Tenacatita Beach Mexico

There is no local bus service to Tenacatita, but taxis will take you here from Barra/Melaque for about $400+p. Backpackers can take a regional bus to the junction for $20+p, then hitch a ride to the beach. There’s lots of local traffic to pick you up. The 9 km is too far to walk comfortably in the heat of the day. If you hitch in, don’t stay too late, as most people leave around sunset.

Hotels in Tenacatita Mexico

There are some great places to Accommodate yourself.
Part of this beautyful destination, is that some areas
Are small and not so overdeveloped, the chances
To stay in a small and traditional hotel are big.
Vacation Home Rentals eith all you need, just to feel like home.
Even for the adventureous, they can come in a RV to a trailer park
Or there are some camping areas, so take your tent and sleeping bag and hit the road.
A nice Golf Resort as a great option to stay in the middle
Of this rustic and beautiful paradise is also available.

Where is Tenacatita Mexico

The small village of Tenacatita is located on the beach 9 km from the junction on a newly paved road. 6 km toward the beach, you pass through Pueblo Rebalcito where there is a hotel, small stores and an interesting gas station.
Just around you will find lot of places to seee and enjoy
Go and visit local beaches in the area like El Tamarindo, La Manzanilla, Boca de Iguanas
Los Angeles Locos, Punta Serena, Tenacatita and el Tecuan.
Some of this are very popular for surfing, ask locals
Wich one is their favorite to ride some waves.
Playa Mora in Tenacatita is known locally as one of the best snorkeling areas in Costa Alegre.
Playa Tenacatita is popular with campers and RV lovers