What to do in Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

Great things to do in Things to do in Barra de Navidad Mexico Costa Alegre Jalisco awaits you all along the Costa Alegre Mexico tourist corridor. In this tourist destination near Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta, there are many places and spaces to do various tourist activities thanks to the natural attractions that counts as its beaches, lagoons and jungles.

Barra de Navidad Sportfishing - Welcome to the Barra de Navidad sportfishing One of the best activies in this small vacation destination. Fishing right off the beach is a popular and fun activity To spend a great time by the beach relaxing And doing what you like and enjoy. Barra de Navidad Sportfishing Due it’s great location and great wheater […]

Where with a great weather year round invites you to do all kind of activities. Touring and visiting villages, learning about all the culture Hopping in bars and Restaurants trying the best of local seafood and traditional all time favorite Mexican food.

Swimming at Costa Alegre Beaches

One of the main Things to do in Barra de Navidad swimming at its beaches that open to the Pacific Ocean, and there are many spaces for swimming for all tastes and for the whole family, there are special places to practice snorkeling, as well as waves big enough to surf and others to enjoy with the family with various water activities such as boat rides, kayaking, and many others.

The closest to Barra de Navidad is swimming in the melaque beaches that are located just a few kilometers away, where pleasant Palapas invite you to spend a quiet and relaxed day enjoying the warm waters of the sea.


Things to do around and near Barra de Navidad Mexico

This destination, due the great beaches, by the Pacific Ocean and all the natural beauties that surrounds this destination brings all kind of opportunities for great things to do while vacationing.

Let’s start with Golfing in Barra Navidad. there are two golf courses, one located in Christmas Island next to the Grand Bay Resort.

Closer to downtown Barra de Navidad, and the other the Tamarindo, a bigger, newer and more challenging 27 hole course.

Then there is the Marina, putting the sportfishing as one of top activities, with lots of fishing boat charters in any size with all the needed equipment onboard.


Sport fishing in Costalegre

Sport fishing is one of the great Things to do in Barra de Navidad throughout the year in this part of the Mexican Pacific, thanks to its location and its infrastructure, as well as being traditionally a place of fishing villages, has long attracted fishing enthusiasts from all over the world Eventually, tournaments are held locally and internationally.


Camping in Barra de Navidad

One of the ideal beaches to do this activity and enjoy this place is located in Boca de Iguanas, what is a quiet place Generally there are not many visitors and is well known for being an ideal place to camp, besides having with many restaurants that offer several types of food, especially traditional Mexican cuisine, and seafood.


Surfing Barra de Navidad Jalisco

Surfing in Costa Alegria beaches for many years remained as a well-kept secret, plenty of beaches all along the corridor are great for surfing and boogie boarding , that is a popular activity among locals, surfers

What to do in Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

In this location of Costa Alegre, the favorite for many experienced who enjoy the adrenaline of good waves, and that is why this part of Jalisco is the most visited For those who like to enjoy this activity. In addition to surfing, this activity can be complemented with the food that is offered at the place, especially the Mexican food of the sea, with fish and seafood in several restaurants that can be found there, tours to a lagoon for wildlife watching, from big reptiles to birdwatching.


Birds and dolphins sightseeing

Thanks to the natural beauties that surround and form the Costa Alegre, it is possible to appreciate a large number and variety of endemic birds that inhabit this place, as well as enjoy the sighting of friendly and fun dolphins.


Snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Alegre

Great Things to do in Barra de Navidad where the natural setting takes the leading role to enjoy some great vacations, watersports like kayaking,  jet skis, touring and cruising, banana boat rides, paddle boarding and more.

Snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Alegre

Snorkeling in Tenacatita is one of the biggest attractions in the area, some of the best Things to do in Barra de Navidad, since it is a part that is not so crowded and full of people and is ideal for the whole family including children, in this place there are not many hotels or restaurants but you can enjoy many boat rides, as well as swimming with the colorful fish that live there.


Things to do Near Barra de NavidadGolf in Barra de Navidad Mexico

One of the main tourist developments in the area, offers the opportunity to practice this sport in a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful views of the jungle and into the Pacific ocean, one of the major golf courses is located on the island Navidad that together with recognized resort offers an experience in a not so crowded and private place.