Now that you decided to explore, there are in Isla Navidad things to do
That have made some of the best attractions of the place.

This small piece of land, that is Isla de Navidad in Costa Alegre Mexico
Developers looked at this and turned this location
Into a great Resort destination, but not just any other.

Isla navidad things to do in the Costa Alegre Jalisco

They decided to make it the best in the Costa Alegre
And with this vision, they paired the great Resort it host
With some of the best activities for people that love this
Travel lifestyle, of high end Resorts and Golf Clubs,
One among the best rated worldwide, and a Marina.
Where people that love to go in sportfishing trips
Cruising and touring the Mexican Pacific shore.
Or like to travel by their own, going from a place to another
In their own boat or cruise.

Costa Alegre Isla de Navidad Golf Course

Right in the Island next to the beautiful Resort.
The Golf course is just a few steps outside this Accommodation.
And the Marina outside the the Resort and is considered
One of the top 10 best Marinas in Latin America.

Booking for those activities can be arranged
Directly with the staff of the hotel, like Concierge and front desk.
Anytime you arrive or like to plan tour vacations.

Christmas Island Barra de Navidad Jalisco

There are lot of reasons why this Island is so popular
Among Golfers, this is a 27 hole Golf course, that
Have won the Golf Medal Award, a distinction that
Where gave to two golf courses in Mexico.
And Mexico counts with some of the best Golf Courses
High rated worldwide.