Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico Travel Guide

Barra de Navidad Mexico is a small Resort destination with a beautiful weather is one of the favorite places in the Republic, it’s perfect location makes it a very relaxing place to enjoy some quiet vacations, but have in mind that you can have some action in some great activities that you can find here.

Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico is located in the southern side of Jalisco, in a stretch that goes from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo Colima in the Mexican Pacific Ocean side, and it form part of the great tourist areas such as the Maya Riviera, Los Cabos, Riviera Nayarit, Banderas Bay just to name a few and play an important role in the tourist industry.



Barra de Navidad Mexico Restaurants

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico, do not let your chance to enjoy some of the best food this Restaurants, being a great resort destination, they put a great variety of high quality culinary options.

Barra de Navidad Restaurants


Cobblestoned streets in the downtown area welcomes you to this picturesque village, having a beautiful Malecon, the Laguna de Navidad and Marina where you can find many Restaurants and Bars, Hotels and Shops for local souvenirs.




How to get to Barra de Navidad Jalisco at Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

By land, Sea and Air, It is really close to one of the most important ports in the Pacific that is Manzanillo in the state of Colima.

Costa Alegre Jalisco Mexico

It’s airport is just about 20 minutes from Costa Alegre Mexico. Having a local marine is very handful to receive any ship, boat, yacht or whatever you like.

Many visitors love the way to get here, it is very connected spot by land, having a road at north from Puerto Vallarta, at south to Manzanillo and just east into the mainland a road to the Tequila and Mariachi haven, Guadalajara Jalisco.


How far is from Puerto Vallarta?

The distance from Puerto Viarta is about 3 h 57 min 141.7 mi (228.0 km) via México 200 road, a very nice and scenic route you must visit if you plan to come down here. Many beautiful spots of the Costa Alegre Mexico are located on the way, such as Bahia Cuastecomates, Playa Careyes, La Manzanilla, Punta Perula, Tenacatita, Melaque and Bahía de Chamela, Costa Majahuas, Cabo Corrientes many beautiful spots more.

Barra de Navidad Jalisco - Costa Alegre Mexico

Besides the places we already mentioned, you will encounter very nice beaches, secluded, unknown, a natural beauty just for the locals or for the adventurer, so i encourage you to talk and ask the kind local people to the least beaten path, you won’t regret.


Things do in Barra de Navidad Mexico

Things do in Barra de Navidad Jalisco

Having the Sea, a nice Marina and all natural beauties around this destination, it won’t be extrange many of the top activities and things to do are water related, don´t forget there is a mountain range near. Sportfishing as well as Puerto Vallarta and the Baja Peninsula is a top activity with Marlins around to catch.

Boat tours as any beach destination, is a must along with the sunset tours, snorkeling and scuba on many beaches of Costa Alegre Mexico. On land you can arrange some beach hopping, have some boogie boards to rent (yes you can even surf here on season), ATV Tours, Mountain Bike Riding, Bird watching and even Volcano tours if you have time, it is close but you will need a couple hours to get there.

And don’t forget a nice 27-hole Golf Course in Isla Navidad, you can play a relax at the same time with some spectacular views and the green areas.


Hotels In Barra de Navidad Mexico

Hotels in Barra de Navidad Mexico

You will find a place to accommodate you, a very nice place that suits your needs, from a small nice Downtown Hotel, to a Gorgeous Resort in a Island, Bed and Breakfast and great all Inclusive accommodations, many house. Apartment, Bungalow and Villa rentals are available too. Check our Lodging map to find where each one is located. You will see many offers along the site, don´t be shy and go ahead and find even more information just for you.

More Travel Adventure Information

A great sister destination in this beautiful country as well as Costalegre, it is Los Cabos The sun always shine in Los Cabos Mexico year round located in the Baja Peninsula Sur, that destination as includes Cabos San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo Baja California Sur Mexico, famous Pueblo Mágico Todos Santos, and the East Cape. Each place with its own personality where you can for sure relax and have a great adventure.

If you are thinking about visiting the Caribbean, Martinique Island is a great choice, surrounded it´s waters, beautiful Beaches and full of natural landscapes.

In your next vacations, check the Bucerias Hotels where you can find beautiful Accommodations around the world worth the visit, find local information, phone numbers, websites, Addresses, Map Locations, pictures and more in this great destination.

Barra de Navidad Mexico Map

Other great friendly destinations

Loreto Baja Mexico this destination among others like los cabos, and la paz, has prevailed like a forgotten hidden gem. Now that tourism in the country has become more important than ever, this destination still growing and turning into a great vacation spot.

While in Baja California Norte, there is a Resort destination by the pacific side, the port of Ensenada Baja California, where you can go as well in a great road trip down of the border, or a place to stop in your way to Loreto and Cabo.

Los Cabos Mexico Travel Guide your source of great information of what is waiting for you in this great Resort destination by the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, find in this vacation guide, all you need to know and about this gorgeous destination.

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